The ensemble Kalman filter (EnKF) and its versatile variants are renowned for their remarkable data assimilation capabilities in diverse domains such as atmospheric, oceanic, hydrologic, biomedical, biologic, and petroleum reservoir systems. By providing a platform for thought-provoking presentations and meaningful discussions, the EnKF workshop seeks to foster collaboration among technical experts, practitioners, researchers, and students. Together, we will showcase cutting-edge research findings, exchange practical insights, and collectively explore uncharted territories by identifying crucial challenges. Join us to deepen your knowledge, expand your network, and contribute to the advancement of data assimilation.


Venue: June 17 - 19, Solstrand Hotel, Os, Norway



Invited speakers



The EnKF is a data assimilation method that was co-invented and has been continuously developed by researchers at NORCE and NERSC. Over the last three decades, the EnKF and related ensemble methods, has emerged as a highly effective and widely adopted approach for data assimilation in large-scale models, and have made profound impacts on the advancements of various disciplines and promoted value creations for relevant industries.


While the fundamental concept of ensemble methods is simple, practical implementations often demand problem-specific modifications for success. Our workshop aims to bridge the expertise of specialists from various fields to investigate the foundations and interconnections of EnKF-related methods that have demonstrated effectiveness in diverse environments. In so doing, we strive to enhance the robustness and efficiency in applications. Beyond practical applications, this gathering also facilitates the exchange of innovative research ideas, methods, algorithms, and workflows with the potential to further enhance the performance of EnKF and related approaches.


In 2006, the inaugural EnKF workshop was held in Voss, Norway, marking the beginning of an annual tradition. Throughout the years, the EnKF workshop has consistently attracted participants from a wide range of scientific disciplines. The cross-pollination of ideas and the exchange of scientific advancements have fostered vibrant discussions and elevated the workshop’s scientific calibre to a high level. As a result, the annual international EnKF workshop has now established itself as a paramount event within the data assimilation community.


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Scientific committee

  • NORCE: Geir Evensen, Dean Oliver, Patrick N. Raanes
  • NERSC: Laurent Bertino
  • Equinor: Remus Hanea