The ensemble Kalman filter (EnKF) and its many variants have been proven effective for data assimilation in large models, including those in atmospheric, oceanic, hydrologic, and petroleum reservoir systems. By bringing together technical experts, practitioners, researchers and students for presentations and informal interchange of information, we aim to share research results and suggest important challenges that have yet to be addressed.


Venue: 30 May - 02 June, Kviknes Hotel, Balestrand, Norway

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Invited speakers

Berent Anund Stromnes Lunde
Equinor, Norway
Graphical sparse precision matrix estimation and the ensemble information filter
Femke Vossepoel
TU Delft, Netherlands
On state and parameter estimation in earthquake cycle models
Matthew Levine
Caltech, USA
A Framework for Machine Learning of Model Error in Dynamical Systems
Yue (Michael) Ying
NERSC, Norway
Multiscale alignment ensemble filtering technique and its application in geoscience
Yuqing Chang
NORCE, Norway
Application of Ensemble-Based Methods in Reservoir Management Decision Support


The EnKF is a data assimilation method invented and continuously developed by researchers at the Norwegian Research Centre (NORCE). In the past two decades, the EnKF and related “ensemble” methods have been established as a school of viable and popular methods for data assimilation in very large models, and have made immense impacts on the advancements of various disciplines and promoted value creations for relevant industries.


Although the basic concept ensemble methods is straightforward, successful practical implementations often require modifications that are problem-specific. By bringing together experts from diverse areas, we aim to explore the bases and connections among EnKF-related methods that are proven to work in different environments, so that the resulting applications are more robust and efficient. Other than the aspect of practical applications, this workshop also aims to exchange and communicate novel research ideas, methods, algorithms and/or workflows that have the potential of further improving the performance of EnKF and its related methods.


The first EnKF workshop took place in Voss (Norway) in 2006. Since then, the EnKF workshop has been held annually (except for a disruption in 2020 due to COVID-19). The EnKF workshop has always accommodated participants coming from diverse scientific disciplines (e.g., meteorology, oceanography, hydrology, to name a few). The communication and exchange of scientific progresses and advancements have led to even more fruitful discussions and raised the scientific quality of the workshop to a very high level. As such, the annual international EnKF workshop has now become one of the most influential events within the data assimilation community.


Please contact Randi Valestrand if you want to sponsor the workshop.

Abstract submission

  • One page by email to Xiaodong Luo
  • There is no paper submission

To facilitate the workshop organization, we encourage our participants to submit abstracts with full information of all authors (e.g., name, affiliation, etc.). About one page must be e-mailed to Xiaodong Luo.

The abstract submission process has now closed (February 15, 2022)

Scientific committee

NORCE Energy & Technology
Xiaodong Luo, Geir Evensen, Dean Oliver
Laurent Bertino
Remus Hanea
Hiking above Balestrand Snapshot of presentation by Femke Vosspoel Snapshot of talk
Photos from the 2022 EnKF workshop.