The Norwegian Centre for Data Assimilation gathers world-leading expertise on data assimilation in Norway, which is surprisingly abundant for such a small country. The centre coordinates activities between the member institutes, including seminars, courses, workshops, and summer schools. The website is used for outreach by listing prominent results, news and vacancies, software resources, projects, and publications.

  • Address: Nygårdsgaten 112, 5008 Bergen
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  • Vacancies


  • Randi Valestrand

    Leader, DA & optimisation group, NORCE

    I work with the leader group on developing strategy.

  • Laurent Bertino

    Leader, DA, NERSC

    EnKF expert for ocean and sea ice models.

  • Jiping Xie

    Researcher, DA, NERSC

    Fastest assimilator in the West

  • Geir Evensen

    Chief scientist, NORCE

    I run a lot!

  • François Counillon

    Leader, Climate Dynamics and Prediction Group, NERSC

    Applied data assimilation for Earth System model and ocean model. Climate prediction

  • Julien Brajard

    Machine Learning Guru, NERSC

    Learn, emulate and improvise

  • Yiguo Wang

    Senior researcher in climate predictions, NERSC

    Applied data assimilation, climate reconstruction and prediction, air quality forecast

  • Yue (Michael) Ying

    Shooting Star Researcher, NERSC


  • Geir Nævdal

    Chief Scientist, NORCE

    Data assimilation, inverse problems, optimization for a range of different applications

  • Kjersti Solberg Eikrem

    Researcher, NORCE

    Optimisation, data assimilation, seismic inversion, wind energy, batteries.

  • Patrick N. Raanes

    Researcher, NORCE

    Focus: theory of data assimilation and its application

  • Rolf Lorentzen

    Researcher, NORCE

    Data assimilation, optimisation, renewable energy

  • Andreas S. Stordal

    Researcher, NORCE

    Data assimilation and stochastic optimisation from a statistical point of view

  • Kristian Fossum

    Researcher, NORCE

    Data assimilation and machine learning with a focus on reservoir applications

  • Mohammad Nezhadali

    PhD candidate, NORCE

    Taking a multilevel approach to history matching

  • Sergey Alyaev

    Senior Researcher, NORCE

    Using deep learning for real-time data assimilation

  • Dean Oliver

    Research Professor, NORCE

    History matching, uncertainty quantification, optimisation.

  • Xiaodong Luo

    Senior Researcher, NORCE

    Data assimilation, machine learning, optimisation.

  • Tuhin Bhakta

    Researcher, NORCE

    Data assimilation, Seismic interpretation and inversion, rock physics

  • Mathias Methlie Nilsen

    PhD candidate, NORCE

    Data assimilation and Optimization

  • Trond Mannseth

    Research Professor, NORCE

    History matching, uncertainty quantification, multilevel methods.

  • Tarkeshwar Singh

    Researcher, NERSC

    Climate Model parameter estimation using data assimilation.