As a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic this year’s edition of the workshop was hosted entirely online.

Videos from all of the days. More details here

Invited speakers

Alberto Carrassi
University of Reading, UK
Data assimilation in chaotic systems: from dynamically-based to data-driven approaches
Sarah Dance
University of Reading, UK
Observation uncertainty in data assimilation
Moha Gharamti
Data assimilation in hydrology and streamflow forecasting
Elias D. Niño-Ruiz
Universidad del Norte, Colombia, Ensemble based data assimilation via a modified Cholesky decomposition

Markus F. Dregi
Equinor, Norway
Ensemble based reservoir management for the people

Scientific committee

NORCE Energy & Technology
Xiaodong Luo, Geir Evensen, Dean Oliver
Laurent Bertino
Remus Hanea