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PET is a toolbox for ensemble based Data-Assimilation developed and maintained by the data-assimilation and optimization group at NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS.

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DAPPER is a set of templates for benchmarking the performance of data assimilation (DA) methods. The tests provide experimental support and guidance for new developments in DA.

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NEDAS is a light-weight Python solution for implementing ensemble data assimilation methods for geophysical models, it utilizes MPI for parallelization and has a modular function-based design that allows algorithmic flexibility. NEDAS is an ideal test envir...

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Multi-group SEIR model with age classes in an ensemble DA system for predicting spread of the Coronavirus.

Interactive Sequential-decision Geosteering Benchmark

The project allows to compare the decision skills of people and robots for a synthetic multi-target geosteering scenario. The code includes: Server, Client, and Ensemble-Based Decision Support System with uncertainties updated using the EnKF. The Benchmark ...


Leveraging the latest conditional Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) with spatially adaptive denormalization (SPADE), we establish a novel ensemble-based workflow that effectively captures complex geological patterns. The code performs Bayesian history-...

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Fortran-90 routines for EnKF analysis. Stochastic and SQRT formulations with subspace inversion.

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Toolbox for simulating tissue blood circulation, and estimating the perfusion.